$2,078.40 USD

SCRATCH N DENT: HS-1200 including TAP controller. New. Full Warranty. All sales final. Small paint and insulation imperfections. Still needs to be fully burned in.

Serial Number: HS240628301A

S&D PRICE: $2,078.40| Standard Price: $2,598.00

The Hot Shot 1200 is a single chamber, 240V multi-purpose oven that is perfect for your Heat Treating Needs. This size oven allows you to do multiple parts at once or one larger item. Take the guess work out of planning around outsourced Heat Treating and do it in house. Built in the USA, with the highest quality components, and engineered by makers for makers. Hot Shot is excited to offer an oven that not only is cool to the touch, but also offers an industry leading mechanical design.

STANDARD OFFERING: TAP Touch Controller with 3ft Cord

Max Temperature 2000°F
Plug Voltage 240V
Max Amp Draw 17 Amps
1-Phase Circuit Required 20 Amps
Break-in Period 4-5 Hours
Length of Cord – Standard 3ft
Weight 73lbs.
Dimensions (Exterior/Interior) 21”Lx23”Wx20”H | 12”Dx10”Wx10”H
Manual Download HERE
Specifications Download HERE
Warranty 12 Months