Hot Shot is located in West Bend, WI alongside our sister company American Rotary.  Hot Shot provides industry leading telephone support for any questions you may have! Hot Shot stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry! Hot Shot provides the highest quality products using premium components and technology. 

What are Hot Shot Ovens Used For?

Hot Shot Ovens are truly versatile and can serve many needs! Hot Shot ovens can be used for Heat Treating, Metallurgy, Glass Making, Knife Making, Gun Making and many other industrial applications. Hot Shot ovens are used by hobbyists, laboratories and manufactures alike. We continue to develop ovens & kilns for all industries in various shapes and sizes! 

Patent Pending Cool to Touch with Fan Cooling Technology

Hot Shot Oven & Kilns are equipped with Patent Pending Cool-Touch Technology that provide a safe external temperature to allow for safer operation and protection of its surroundings. Each oven comes with a removable high density kiln floor. This is ideal to assist with project setup or if it needs to be replaced. It is built with a high-quality 304 stainless-steel core construction with a fan cooled external powder coated enclosure. It features a dual layer air plenum for external heat management and precise temperature control.

Controller Options (Novus vs PRO Controller)

When picking out your Hot Shot Oven, you will have the ability to choose the standard built in NOVUS Controller or upgrade to our TAP Smart Controller. Below you will find the differences between the two controllers in order to help make your decision easier.

Novus– The N20K48 series of PID (proportional–integral–derivative controller) temperature controllers have been designed for non-experienced novice users for combining extreme simplicity in operation with quality performance found in expensive high-end controllers. The Novus N20K48 can be operated by simply turning on the oven and setting the temperature needed or you can download the free Novus Quicktune App to be able to program the controller more easily via your phone/tablet. The controller can also be programmed by using the onboard buttons and a series of key presses. The Novus N20K48 controller is limited to only storing 20 programs at a time with a max of 9 segments per program.

TAP Pro – The TAP Pro controller is a state-of-the-art, programmable, full color touch screen controller. The TAP Pro can store an unlimited number of programs and can be easily programmed on screen or by using the free mobile app. All Hot Shot Pro ovens come with the Tap controller as well as built in Wi-fi for the ultimate user experience. The TAP mobile App allows the user to easily create and monitor programs in real time and allows the user the ability to set notifications, view firing logs with by-the-minute data points and receive push notifications about the operation schedules. The TAP controller also allows you to see maintenance schedules and offset a program that is currently running!

What power do I need?

Hot Shot Ovens come in several different types of configurations based on your needs. With this comes different power requirements from 120V 15amp or 20amp, to 220/240V. Each of these will require a specific outlet/receptacle for you to use the oven. For 120V, we offer a 15amp and 20amp version on some models. These require different outlets in order to power the oven. The 15amp is your standard at home outlet. The 20amp outlet however has a slight change to it that one of the vertical slots looks like a sideways T. 

For 240V you will need the following outlet: 

Therefore when choosing a kiln/oven we highly recommend you check your power requirements first. We recommend making sure you have the proper outlet and if not to check with a professional about adding an outlet into your work area. DO NOT use extension cords in any situation!

Constructed to last

Hot shot ovens are specifically designed with the end user in mind. Hot Shot ovens feature a full swing side opening door to allow safe and easy insertion and removal of material as well as a cool-to-touch one-handed handle made from high quality stainless steel for easy opening and closing. 

Hot Shot ovens are constructed with a stainless steel core and a high quality powder coated shell. The high density fiber insulation in a Hot Shot oven is machined to high tolerance specifications so that each piece fits perfectly together to provide a proper seal, ensuring that it will maintain its temperature and work efficiently to prevent loss of heat. Each oven comes with a removable high density floor. This is ideal to assist with project setup or if it needs to be replaced.

Hot shot uses Kanthal A1 heating elements, a type K thermocouple and every oven comes standard with a solid state relay at no additional charge. 

Where can I put my oven/kiln?

With our Cool to Touch Fan Cooling Technology we only require about 3” of space between the oven/kiln and the wall. Do not block any vents and make sure the fan unit has at least 3” of space between it and the wall or other objects. 

Put in a well ventilated area and do not attempt to duct the exhaust of the fan unless the exhaust has a power vent compatible with the cfm of the fan. 

Even though the outside enclosure stays cool to the touch, please make sure any flammable or combustible materials are away from the surroundings of the kiln. 

Recipes We offer many recipes for your oven/kiln! See them here

For any further questions please feel free to reach out for further assistance at: or at 1-888-653-2715