$1,924.00 USD

This kiln's small footprint is perfect to sit right on your workbench and not take up a bunch of space. The 7"x7"x7" fits many mold sizes for all your creative needs. The cool-to-touch exterior allows you to not have to worry about being close to the kiln or bumping into it. It is so cool to the touch you can hug it! 

Customize your needs with the Hot Shot 7G

Standard - Base 7G Model - 7x7x7 

Standard with the TAP PRO Controller and our Cool-Touch Technology. 

7G with Vitrigraph - 7x7x7 cool-to-touch Standard with the TAP PRO controller. The Vitrigraph option has a drop-hole diameter of Ø1.625 . The Vitrigraph is used for Pulling glass cane or “stringers” which is the act of maneuvering molten glass as it flows from the bottom of a raised and supported kiln. Don’t forget to add your custom Hot Shot Vitrigraph wall brackets! 

7G with Wax Burnout - Standard with the TAP PRO Controller and a Lost Wax Burnout vent hole/Plug with the diameter of Ø.75

Lost wax burnout is the process of preparing a casting mold for the melted metal that will be poured into it. THE BURN OUT... All the wax in the mold must then be burned out or melted out of the mold in the kiln. The metal is then melted in the kiln at high temperatures in crucibles and poured into the empty mold to cool. 

The 7G WAX BURNOUT KILNS are appropriate for the lost wax casting process. But they can also be used as metal clay kilns, enameling kilns, fused glass jewelry kilns, and more. 

Fully Loaded 7G - Vitrigraph and Wax Burnout- Get the Best of Both Worlds with the Fully Loaded 7G! This will allow you to try different techniques like Vitrigraph Pulling or Lost Wax Burnout all in one!

AMPERAGE/VOLTAGE: 15amp is equipped with an 1500W element. Read more about this HERE.

Max Temperature 1850°F
Plug Voltage 120V
Max Amp Draw 15 Amps
1-Phase Circuit
15 Amps
Break-in Period Ready to Use
Length of Cord
Weight 47lbs
Dimensions (Exterior/Interior) 16.5D x 20"W x 16”H | 7”D x 7”W x 7”H
Download HERE
Download HERE
Warranty 12 Months