$1,332.00 USD

Heat Treating at your fingertips with this HS-360 heat treating oven. Save time by heat-treating in house so you do not have to rely on a 3rd party to do your heat treating. This oven is perfect for prototyping, commercial shops, the small business, the home hobbyist and more! The 6”x6”x10” size is perfect for most heat treating dies and small pieces, but if a larger size is needed check out our HS-1200! The HS-360 120/240V gets up to temperature fast! Only 23 minutes! No need to wait around for the oven to get up to temperature for hours! Bonus-it is cool to touch which takes the worry out of making sure someone doesn’t get hurt! Add on an Argon Gas Kit to help eliminate scaling on the surface of the steel too!

STANDARD OFFERING: Novus Controller with 3ft Cord

UPGRADED CONTROLLER: Spark or TAP Controller with 6ft Cord - Learn more HERE

AMPERAGE/VOLTAGE: 15amp is equipped with an 1800W element and the 20amp is equipped with a 2000W element. The 20amp version will get up to temperature faster than the 15amp. The 20amp/240V is more efficient. Read more about this HERE.

15amp/110V 20amp/120V 20amp/240V
Max Temperature 2000°F 2000°F 2000°F
Plug Voltage 110V 120V 240V
Max Amp Draw 15 Amps 17 Amps 9 Amps
1-Phase Circuit
15 Amps 20 Amps 20 Amps
Break-in Period 4-5 Hours 4-5 Hours 4-5 Hours
Length of Cord
6ft 3ft 3ft
Weight 47lbs. 47lbs 47lbs
Dimensions (Exterior/Interior) 20”Lx18.5”Wx16”H | 10”Dx6”Wx6”H 20”Lx18.5”Wx16”H | 10”Dx6”Wx6”H 20”Lx18.5”Wx16”H | 10”Dx6”Wx6”H
Manual Download HERE (NOVUS) Download HERE (PRO) Download HERE (NOVUS) Download HERE (PRO) Download HERE (NOVUS) Download HERE (PRO)
Specifications Download HERE Download HERE Download HERE
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months
12 Months