$3,340.00 USD

Looking to advance your knifemaking skills? Check out this variable speed Grinder designed and built by AmeriBrade. Grinders can be used for several different knifemaking techniques. This package is available in 4 different motor sizes (Shown Below) and includes ALL of the following:

Motor Sizes Available:
•Variable Speed 1HP - Wired for 110v
•Variable Speed 1.5HP - Wired for 110v (Can be re-wired for 220v to step up to 2hp)
•Variable Speed 2HP - Wired for 220v (Can be re-wired for 110v to drop down to 1.5hp)
•Variable Speed 3HP - Wired for 220v

What's Included:
•Powder-Coated, Assembled, & Tested Fastback Frame
•Black Oxide Coated Motor Mount
•Horizontal Tilting Mount
•Pre-Wired, Variable Speed Motor & Controller (See motor options listed above)
•7" Drive Wheel
•Combo Tilting Platen Assembly with 6" Rubber Contact Wheel on an Accessory Arm
•Large 15.5" x 8" Tilting Work Rest
•Pedestal Stand with Leveling Casters
•Stainless Water Bucket and Holder
•Small Wheel Holder with One Deflector Wheel on an Accessory Arm
•Magnetic Handle
•9 Small Wheels and 2 Storage Racks 
(Wheel Sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4". 1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", AND 2")

Flat Rate: $79.00
Ships in 6 boxes via Ground

30x24x12 and 60lbs
20x12x11 and 45lbs
12x10x9 and 16lbs
19x13x13 and 60lbs
19x13x13 and 25lbs
40x12x12 and 50lbs