$600.00 USD

Please Note: The replacement parts offered are to be used specifically for Hot Shot Oven & Kiln products. These are specifically sourced for our products. If these parts are purchased for other then Hot Shot Oven & Kiln products they will be non returnable and not covered under warranty.

The TAP Pro controller is a state-of-the-art, programmable, full color touch screen controller. The TAP Pro can store an unlimited number of programs and can be easily programmed on screen or by using the free mobile app. The TAP Controller has built in Wi-fi for the ultimate user experience. The TAP mobile App allows the user to easily create and monitor programs in real time and allows the user the ability to set notifications, view firing logs with by-the-minute data points and receive push notifications about the operation schedules. The TAP controller also allows you to see maintenance schedules and offset a program that is currently running.

The Standard Novus Controller has the option to download the free Novus Quicktune software to be able to program the controller more easily and will need to be plugged into your PC to download programs. (Web based software is not compatible with MAC operating system) The controller can also be programmed by using the onboard buttons and a series of key presses. The Standard Novus controller is limited to only storing one program at a time and must be overwritten for each new program.

The Tempering Novus Controller is single set point PID temperature controller with timer. This controller is best for users using one single step schedules